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What previous students say:

"Remarkable. Money well spent. It was incredible to get an understanding of what Massage Therapy should consist of to increase well being and enhance body function. Previously, I felt like I was working in the dark, sometimes on target, often hit and miss. Herb does a remarkable job of turning on the lights." Cassandra Harris, TX 


"I have been looking for this level of training. I now can say I have found it. Level 1 was exceptional. I found it to be very well thought out, organized, detailed and thorough. I will definitely be referring these classes to other therapists." Marcus Hurst, TX


In my 44 years of academic medicine, I have never learned so much in such a short period of time. My clients appreciate the newer modalities that I now use on them which are more effective and longer lasting without trauma to them or me. Herb does a tremendous job of getting lots of information into our heads without intimidation or challenging superiority. It makes learning fun and effective." Dr. John Murad, TX



"This insurance course has had the most tremendous impact on my practice of anything I have done to further expand my ability to serve people. I highly recommend it!" - Mark Ritzenthaler, Tampa, FL



" This class has taught me more than any other massage class I have taken. The instructor has an amazing knowledge of the body and how it responds to massage therapy." Gina Waldrop, TX


"I have attended quite a few seminars since getting my RMT, and this was the best organized, most knowledgeable and interesting class I have ever attended. Mr. Levin is a wonderful instructor and makes the class fun as well as educational."  Mary Condon, TX


"This seminar was, without a doubt, one of the most informative and rewarding classes I have ever attended. Herb Levin is truly an amazing asset to the 'World of Massage'. He gives the term 'Medical Massage' true meaning. Thanks Herb." - Edward D. Hicks, Scottsboro AL



"After attending this seminar, I feel confident referring patients to graduates of Herb Levin's Medical Massage Certification Program. The results shown in the workshop were truly remarkable." Elizabeth Mueller, M.D.



"The Medical Massage Practitioners Course was one of the most profound massage educational seminars that I have taken. Herb Levin is an excellent, and easy to follow instructor. The course itself has taught me to be a more result oriented therapist, and has inspired me to further pursue my education in Massage Therapy and the understanding of why what we do works."  Dennis Granberry, Atlanta, GA



"Having completed Level 1 in Dallas this past month, hands down, it is one of the best seminars I have taken.  Your knowledge, presentation, enthusiasm and good sense of humor were unbeatable.  Even though I love seminars, by the 3rd day I am usually looking forward to the seminars end.  Not yours. I left energized and confident, ready to apply the new techniques, anxious to take the next level and definitely singing your praises!" Carol Davis, TX



"Medical Massage with Herb Levin: Excellent class. Great information in a fun & very usable manner. This seminar really stimulated me to learn more. I know my clients will be thankful I was here." Lauren Weisman, Boston, MA



"Almost 20 years now, my injury has plagued me. Within thirty minutes in this class, Herb had my injured arm moving in directions I never thought it would. Living with pain that long and becoming accustomed to it, I now know: no one should have to go there. I hope I can take this information to my patients and be as helpful as Herb has been to me. Thank you Herb and Beatrix." Deena Free, TX



"The money I spent for the first class was well worth it. I have been very confident with insurance billing, I recently accepted a worker's comp client and I have been doing the insurance billing. I must say, I have never been paid 100% with worker's comp but this time I am being paid 100%.  I would widely recommend this course for anyone in the business. Thanks so much and I am looking for next weekend's class in Houston. Thanks." Barbara Mickens, TX



"Absolutely the greatest! When I came here, I didn't know what to expect. But after the session began, Herb made everyone feel comfortable.  Information and the way it was presented was one of the best yet. Hands-on classes were exceptional. Absolutely clear,  easy to understand and I didn't feel intimidated to ask any questions or repeat any. Need more instructors like Herb." Judith Levesque, FL











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