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About Medical Massage Practitioners of America:

Medical Massage Practitioners of America (MMPA) has been founded by Herbert Levin L.M.T. M.M.P. and Beatrix Levin in 2002. Herb and Beatrix had the vision of creating an organization which would enable the Massage Therapist to gain the skills necessary to become part of the Medical Massage Therapy Profession thereby helping the Massage Therapist to create a  more successful and rewarding career. Upon Herb's retirement from his full time teaching and therapy practice, we continued to see the need for Massage Therapists who wish to enter the Medical Massage field and we are endevouring to provide the tools necessary to become successful in this field through this website. We are currently in the process of creating a new platform which will enable Medical Massage Practitioners to gain expertise and exposure to the ever growing field of Medical Massage.  


Herb Levin L.M.T. M.M.P.   started his career in Massage Therapy in 1979. He was the owner and director of 'The Healing Center' in Atlantic City, New Jersey a multidisciplinary treatment facility combining multiple forms of Massage Therapy and nutritional consulting.

Throughout Herb's career, he had a Medical Massage oriented practice, which was supported entirely by client and physician referrals.

Besides his training in Neuromuscular Massage Therapy as well as advanced training in Myofascial and other structural bodywork systems , he also had over 20 years experience in yoga, meditation and breath work. He had expanded the Neuromuscular Massage Therapy technique by including Orthopedic Assessment, Muscle Tests, Fascial Spreading, Trigger Point Therapy, Moving Palpation, Positional Release,  and Rehabilitative Stretching Procedures. 

Herb had been a member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) and the Florida State Massage Therapy Association (FSMTA) since 1984 and was the President of the Broward Chapter from 1986 - 1989 and Chairman of the Board in 1990 and 1991.  He was awarded the 'Therapist of the Year for 1993' by the FSMTA Broward Chapter and was the featured presenter at the 1994 Florida Chiropractic Association Convention. 

Herb Levin is one of the foremost authorities on insurance billing for the Medical Massage Therapist. He was actively involved in creating the legislation enabling the Massage Therapist to bill for their services. He has taught thousands of Massage Therapists to successfully work within the Medical Massage and  Insurance reimbursement realm. Herb has been teaching 'Insurance Billing & Practice Building', 'A Day of the Back', 'A Day of the Neck', 'Understanding Postural Distortion', 'Upper Extremities' and 'Lower Extremities' to therapists throughout the United States starting in 1986. 


Beatrix Levin is the co-founder of Medical Massage Practitioners of America and played an active role in the creation of this state of the art Medical Massage training program.

With her deep insight in the business aspects, the health aspects as well as an excellent understanding of adult education, Medical Massage Practitioners of America had become a well-respected organization over the years.

Beatrix is currently developing a new website for Medical Massage Practitioners of America which will represent our more current plans. Please continue to check this site for updates.

Beatrix Levin majored in Business Administration and was awarded a degree in Social and Economic Science from the Vienna University of Economics in Vienna, Austria.






































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