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Welcome to MMPA,

Massage Therapy has been proven to get results for many medical conditions and the awareness of the benefits is rising. According to the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association), in 2015 52% of consumers visited a Massage Therapist for health or medical reasons. It is time to include Medical Massage Therapy as a viable form of therapy.

Medical Massage Practitioners of America is currently in the process of restructuring and the new focus will be on creating a new platform to bring awarenss to Massage Therapy and in particular to Medical Massage.

Thousands of Massage Therapists have taken Herb Levin L.M.T. M.M.P. Medical Massage Seminars over the years in the past, which were geared to help Massage Therapists to obtain the tools to help them manifest the practice of their dreams.  Whether it be self-employment or a career job opportunity. 

Seminars were geared towards learning how to treat virtually every medically referred soft tissue condition using advanced Medical Massage Therapy procedures.

Part of the curriculum was how to follow a treatment protocol, which is useful in any Medical Massage Therapy Practice as well as enhancing hands-on skills with proper palpation utilizing Muscle Testing, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, Positional Release and Rehabilitative Stretching Procedures, Orthopedic Assessment Tests and more. 

Further parts of the curriculum involved setting up physician referral networks and how  to successfully interact  within the medical community and we encourage all Medical Massage Therapists to look at this aspect as part of the success process. 

Furthermore, documentation and billing for Massage Therapy and how to get  insurance reimbursement was an important part of the curruculum as well. 

Having closed it's doors to the hands-on continuing education part means however, that a new door is opening and it will be in the form of an internet platform to bring awareness to Massage Therapy and Medical Massage.  It is in the works right now and we look forward to you checking back with us.

We thank all former students who have taken the seminars and we look forward to new endevaours.

Check our testimonials page to hear, what our previous Medical Massage Students have to say.

Please check out our frequently asked questions (FAQ) to get answers to many important questions about Medical Massage.

Also, our helpful tips might give you an insight of the Medical Massage approach.























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